Motorbike Two Way Female Connector 3.9mm

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Two way female connectors for your motorbike wiring harness or loom.



Motorbike Two Way Female Connector with Insulators.

Two way female connectors for your motorbike wiring harness or loom.

See below for more detail about the motorbike Two Way Female Connector.

  • For many years Japanese and other makes of motorbike have used these type of motorcycle two way female connectors.
  • Minimum order quantity is a set of 4. In this you will get 4 x two way female connectors and you get the clear insulators as well. This adds up to 8 pieces in total.
  • They are made from tin plated brass for more protection against corrosion.
  • Make your job look right, keeps the original look of the wiring loom.
  • The motorbike two way female connector has a diameter of 3.9 mm.
  • You can use wire in them up to 2.5mm mm thick, which is a fairly standard size on motorbike wiring.
  • These connectors are used on lots of motorbikes from mopeds to superbikes and scooters too!
  • They can be used for replacing old or if you wish to add other parts.
  • These motorbike two way ¬†female connector with insulators are ideal for use in motorcycle restoration projects or for motorbike wiring repairs.
  • You’ll need the right crimping tool to use with the motorbike two way connector this can be easily found in our workshop section.
  • This is a short video on how to use the crimping tool.



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