Honda CBR600 Renthal Rear Sprocket 1991 > 2000

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Renthal rear sprocket for 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 Honda CBR600

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Honda CBR600 Renthal Rear Sprocket.

See below for more details about the Honda CBR600 Renthal Rear Sprocket.

  • Honda CBR600 Renthal rear sprocket, made from high strength specially enhanced 7075 T651 aluminium alloy.
  • The options listed are 520HA conversions, which Renthal has designed for track and race use.
  • Use the size box to order a or a selection of Honda CBR600 Renthal rear sprocket.
  • You will need different size Renthal sprockets to make the most of your Honda CBR600.
  • Each race track you visit, you’ll probably need to use different size Renthal sprockets.
  • Having the correct Renthal rear sprocket size for each circuit is vital for good lap times.
  • Setting up the gearing of any motorcycle is a trade off between acceleration and top speed.
  • A larger Renthal rear sprocket will increase acceleration but reduce top speed.
  • You can combine front and rear sprocket sizes to help you get your best lap time.
  • Renthal rear sprockets have a hard anodised coating.
  • Hard anodised Renthal rear sprockets come in a ‘bronzed’ colour only.
  • For Renthal Honda CBR600 front sprockets, click here.

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