Honda CBF500 ABS Air Filter 2004 > 2008

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A Filtrex replacement air filter for a 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Honda CBF500 ABS.

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Honda CBF500 ABS Air Filter.

See below for more detail about the Honda CBF500 ABS air filter.

  • The Honda CBF500 ABS air filter by Filtrex has been tested on state of the art German made MAHA LPS3000 dynamo-meter.
  • The above picture is of the actual Honda CBF500 ABS air filter by Filtrex.
  • This Filtrex air filter is a direct replacement for the original Honda CBF500 ABS air filter and is cheaper!
  • The Filtrex air filter helps stop dust and road dirt from getting into the Honda CBF500 ABS engine.
  • The performance of your engine depends on the right mix of fuel and air.
  • A dirty or partly blocked air filter can cause a fuel mixture that is too rich. Reducing your miles per gallon.
  • Hence both the air flow and dirt protection are not only vital in reducing engine wear but will also help improve performance.
  • Therefore a new air filter will improve the flow of air making sure that your engine runs clean and more efficiently.
  • Helps improve your miles per gallon!
  • Filtrex air filters are of a high quality and are great value for money.
  • The Honda CBF500 ABS air filter and all other Filtrex air filters come with a 1 year warranty.
  • Your Filtrex air filter should be changed in keeping with the service plan of the bike engine


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