BMW F700GS Lithium Battery 2012 > 2016

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Li-Po upgrade battery for a 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 BMW F700GS.

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BMW F700GS Lithium Battery.

See below for more details about the Li-Po BMW F700GS Lithium Battery.

  • Li-Po BMW F700GS lithium battery.
  • Bringing you the latest battery technology for your BMW F700GS motorcycle.
  • A direct replacement upgrade from the standard YTX14BS battery.
  • As a result the lightest and most environmentally friendly option.
  • Therefore gaining a huge 65% weight saving over normal lead-acid type batteries.
  • Hence perfect for track day and race bikes where reduced weight is an advantage.
  • Furthermore, the Li-Po lithium battery gives greater cranking power.
  • Also maintenance free.
  • Non explosive and non combustible.
  • No pollution, contains no lead or other heavy metals.
  • No spilling, contains no acid.
  • Easy charging – standard 12v motorcycle battery charger.
  • 2,000+ charging cycles.


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